As the eldest of four children, with me at age 17, in 1949 all of us got polio. For the youngest two it was more like the flu, and it passed over them. My younger brother was hit the hardest and died at age 55. For me, the experience was like a college education where I paid close attention. By age 18 I was aware of two things that I can only attribute to the polio.

The first problem was that I became aware my scalp itched badly. In the ensuing almost 70 years the itching goes away for a couple of hours after shampooing my hair and using a plastic scrubbing brush, This means I must wash my hair every single day. I have tried many different shampoos, including several expensive prescription ones. Nothing works. This to me means the problem is not with my scalp, but likely within.

The second problem was that also at age 18, I was aware that I often could not recall nouns in verbal speech. This is not a loss of memory, just a temporary failure to recall. The memories are still as strong at age 86 as they were in 1949. I am a writer, so at the computer or writing in a notebook there is rarely a recall failure; just in verbal speech.

My spine doctor tells me the both scoliosis and kyphosis of my spine, which are now fused, are directly related to having had polio. Oh well.

My question to you is are you aware of either a loss of recall or that damn scalp itch problem in your life?

Thank you for your time,

Larry Kueneman

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I have what is known as "face blindness" which I attribute to my polio (at age 2).  This is difficulty recognizing people and connecting names with faces.  Interestingly, it is also associated with difficulties with "map memory" -- the ability to navigate through a town (with which you are reasonably familiar) without resorting to looking at a map or some other aid (a problem I also have).  It's not unreasonable to believe that this condition could also express itself as an inability to recall nouns or something similar.

I do have a touch of scalp itch, and have always had a tendency to scratch myself more than most people (especially when trying to get to sleep at night).  I've not found any strong connection between this and other symptoms, though I have had fairly persistent problems with fungal infections on various parts of the body (especially the feet), and I've taken to bathing with Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo (using it as a bath soap) to quiet the itching a bit.

Interesting I also have face blindness, I try to look and memorize what people look like and the next time I see them I flat dont remember them. I am pretty good at voice memory and a lot of time when they speak I know who they are. One time I met a guy on a Saturday and the next day I went to his business and honestly couldn't pick him out. I had never heard of face blindness until around 20 or so years ago and I thought I was the only one with the problem. 

I too have the scalp itch never thought It could be from polio but it is like you say helped by washing my hair ( ok bald scalp ) daily. 

the memory of nouns has been a problem for the last several years it was a problem when younger but has gotten worse. I can remember everything except nouns 

again I had polio in 1954 at age 6 and now will be 70 in a week or so. I can tell all one thing it is easy to know I am alive as the pain reminds me all the time. But who knows what is Post-Polio and what is just old age.  arthritis in my spine from top to bottom, and now a lot of foot pain ohh yes I am over weight my activity levelhas never been good. I have never been able to run even 1/4 mile growing up.  The foot pain started recently. 

I did tell the surgeon when I had some minor surgery that I didnt need any pain med. as I had been married for 50 years and didnt feel pain anymore.     that was simulated humor.



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