I have developed a strong gag reflex that is really affecting my dental appointments, and causes discomfort at other times. Has anyone else had this happen?? it is getting worse as I grow older. just turned 69 polio at age 6. if anyone can help me in any way I would be in your debt. 

the muscles in my neck are also extremely stiff and it keeps me from sleep and is very painful at times.  I do know we cant blame every problem on post polio but others my age don't seem to have the same problems. 

thanking you in advance for your help joe g. Washington state

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I had some issues with choking and gagging about 20 years back, but they were apparently due to an infection in the throat, and things cleared up on there own after a few weeks.  (I have noticed my gag reflex in the dental chair is maybe a bit worse of late, but nothing dramatic.)

Stiff muscles in the neck and shoulders I've also had, but that was apparently due to MADD (aren't we lucky to have so many diseases) and was easily treated with D-ribose (once I figured it all out).

I am hoping for more replays there doesn't seem to be a lot of action on this forum. my problem is it isn't just at the dentist it is there all the time. just worse at dentist as he puts both feet into my mouth. or at least it seems that way

Has a doc (preferably an ENT or other specialist) looked down your throat?

no haven't gone to specialist did talk to my family dr.



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