sore neck muscles, sometimes just one side from ear down into into shoulder, with the muscles in the neck being the most painful. Has anyone else had such an issue? They are very sore to the touch.

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Thank you Dan, I wll check it out.

Thanks Dan. I have been having such bad pain all over and I'm gonna try ribose. Did any of you on here have complete paralysis originally with Polio as I did?


you ask if anyone else has had this neck pain.... my answer is simple  yes sometimes to the point that sleep is impossible. so painful and when your neck hurts it is impossible to get into a position that dosent hurt.

Yes, I have tried so many different pillows and positions. Every once in a while I will take cyclobenzeprin at night and that helps a little. It is for muscle cramps and spasms.

Oh yes! I think our necks get stressed carrying our heads around. I get a lot of pain, but my neck pain is some of the worst. I take butalbital and Aleve. It helps.


ps Have you tried the "My Pillow"?

Yes, I bought My Pillow. I just change to different pillows all night long.

It seems to help to go to Massage Therapy but I can only afford that twice a month.

I get this  alot and it affects everything, sleeping and driving, etc....

the left side muscles of my neck hurt all the time, and it was the left side of my body that was most affected by polio. the pain robs me of sleep and a lot of enjoyment of life. I use icy hot all the time. the icy hot really dosent do much but at least I feel I am doing something to help. 

It's a bit of a long shot, but you should try D-ribose.  It's reasonably cheap and quite safe.

Also I'll note that I have for 10-15 years used a "wedge" pillow (I'm thinking it's a 7" one) to elevate my head and shoulders.  This was originally for heartburn, and it's been so long I can't say what sleeping would be like without it or whether it helps with the aches and pains, but I like having it.



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