Does anyone else have night time leg cramps and spasms? They are getting worse I think with age. I do take cyclobenziprin at night ever once in a while. If so what do you do about them.

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There are several possible causes of this, but a common one for PPSers is a sort of iron deficiency (resulting from the ongoing muscle damage we all deal with). 

Have your doc test your FERRITIN level in your blood, and if it is low then take a simple iron supplement. 

(It's not a good idea to start taking iron without the test since too much iron can be damaging as well.)

And a supplement worth trying is D-RIBOSE, maybe 1000-2000 mg 2-3 times a day.  If it helps you you will notice in hours.  If not, well it's just another thing that didn't work.

Finally, low vitamin B levels can cause your symptoms.



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