I haven't visited this page for a long time don't know why but maybe because I was flat trying to ignore problems and pain.

 lately I have had a lot of pain in my legs feet and all over. I can be sitting or laying down and all of a sudden pain will shoot through my legs and feet a sharp pain that lasts for a short time and goes away.   yes it goes away but doesn't stay gone for long. the pain comes when sitting standing laying down ok pretty much all the time. I just started on Lyrica and it seems to help the dose is 50 mg. once per day. and I flat get so tired and worn out. The pain keeps me awake and that is probably part of the reason I am so tired. not sleeping really sucks. The pain is shooting through my legs as I write this. and yes I am over weight, how do you keep weight off if you cant exercise, I have never been able to run even a couple hundred yards.. I mean never even growing up. PE in school was the most embarrassing things. always chosen last for an sport, I could go on but it pretty much sucks.

the arthritis in my fingers are starting to hurt pretty much so I am done typing for this evening. sorry about being a whiner  

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If statins are a problem for you (but you would still like to continue taking them) you can try taking a fairly high dose of CoQ-10 ("food supplement").  This actually worked briefly for me, though it seemed to lose effectiveness and I had to quit statins entirely after a few months.

Have you tried CBD Cannabis( legal in all 50 states)?

I chew a CBD Gummie with a sleep aid before I go to bed, sometimes two if I really hurt. It helps a lot.

I do not like drugs and the side effects and you can not overdose on CBD.

Might be worth a try.



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