My name is Susie.  I'm new on this site.  I have had PostPolio since I was an infant. It affected my left leg.  I can still walk, but I walk with a limp.  I'm looking to connect with people who have PostPolio.

Just wanted to hear that I am not alone.  I live in San Diego.  Please feel free to comment and connect with me send me your email or text.  I'd be to happy to hear from you.

Susie Kearney

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Hello & welcome!!

We're certainly glad to have you here, but understand that there are only a handful of active members remaining.  Hopefully some of them will check in!

I'm Dan, 67 pushing 68 and had polio when I was 2, affecting most of my body, but not leaving me obviously disabled.  In fact, I didn't even figure out that I'd had polio until 15 years ago when the PPS caught up with me and the neuro at Mayo said I had "classical old polio signs".  Then I worked out that my dad had never told my mom what I had, and he only sort of confessed this after I was telling him about my diagnosis.  That's the way things worked back then, if you had "non-paralytic" polio.

I've been struggling with the condition since, compounded by a couple of others.  I have worked out some useful "tricks" along the way, however, to cope with the symptoms.

Hi Susie, you are not alone and I think there is a group that meets in San Diego too. I live in Orange County and I feel like you, I wish I had one friend who had this to relate to. I know nobody with this also. Welcome

Welcome! Love San Diego. Go to La Jolla every summer.

After years of being brace free I have been back in a leg brace and cane for a few years now due to PPS.

Have you noticed now days Drs. don't know what you are talking about? You have to be your own advocate and do research. This website helps a lot. I am 70 years old and very active and I think I am in pretty good shape considering. I would be happy to talk with you any time.



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