I have been taking CBD Oil for a month now and can't believe how much better I feel.

CBD Oil is legal and available in all 50 states. It does not contain the THC that is in 

marijuana that makes one "high".

I started with the CBD Gummies that I mail ordered, but have found a dispensary local that I buy the oil or mouth spray from.

I sleep better, have stopped taking my arthritis medicine, have less anxiety, no more muscle spasms, general overall feeling of more energy.

It is worth a try. There are many web sites where you can buy CBD, just make sure it is !00% Colorado Hemp. 

Just Google CBD and they all come up. Even Amazon sells a good oil.

The formula for dosage is o.25 x your weight. This is the amount of grams you can start with.

Then you can adjust dosage from there.

Give it a try.

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I'm trying to buy the Heka oil now and was wondering is it the 3.17OZ. bottle that lasts a month,. The bottles look so small. Did you buy yours from the place called CBD Boutique?  Do you remember where you bought the bottle that lasts a month and the size?

Yes, it is a small bottle and of course the days it last depend on how often you take it. The bottle says a serving is one dropper of 10 mg. and there are 30 servings per bottle so of course the more droppers you take the fewer days it will last.

You might be better ordering the Gummies that are 20 mg. per Gummie with 30 Gummies per bottle. Were you able to find that website?

Yes, I got my oil from CBD Boutique and when I go get another bottle I might get the 700MG Hemp.Stronger, so fewer droppers and it might last longer.

As I am finding out myself this is all new and trial and error. Like I said  you cannot overdose so I would rather take more than I needed rather than to little.

Hi, I ordered the oil in the 750mg and emailed the gummy email so they can direct me where to buy and thanks for the phone number, if they don't answer I'll call. It's been such a long journey for the last 9 yrs, trying to find something more natural for pain, thanks again!!!

Hope it works. Keep me posted as I am interested.

Hi, I ordered this and have been taking for about 9 day now, just curious, did you get headaches when you started talking this?  Is so,did they go away? I have a headache every day since beginning this and I am one that never got headaches. I did order the 750mg?  Thanks

You might have started off to strong. Reduce it a little. It is something you have to try by trial and error. It may take you awhile to find the right dosage for you. I just do every other day


Thanks, I will try that.  I contacted the company too and she said some people are sensitive to it so to cut back.  Did you find relief right away or did it take some weeks. I'm finding some pain relief but not what I was hoping for but then its says it takes about 3 weeks.  

So glad you called the company, smart.

I noticed relief in a few days, however I don't think anything will make it 100% gone

but I will take what I can get. It does build up though.

How are you doing?

I ordered CBD Gummies with a sleep aid that seems to help a lot at night.

Where did you get those from and what brand? Was it the CBD boutique.  I emailed the gummie place but they never got back to me. I still have to call.  I ordered the 750mg  CBD oil  and took it according to what they said for my size, was having terrible headaches every day that lasted all day, she said take half the amount because some are sensitive to it. When I cut it in half I was getting less pain relief too. When taking the full amount I was getting about 50% pain relief, I was hoping for more of course.  She told me to take  1/3 of a dropper 2 x a day for my size and I had to cut that in half because of the headaches. On the bottle it says take a whole dropper  2 x a day  so I was surprised when she said to take so little.  I wish I would of started with the 300mg oil to see if I could of taken  more without the headaches. What % was your pain relief with the 300mg oil? 

They are sold by Kingsupplements.com

However I dealt with the rep. from CBD Vibe, His name is Alex and he is really knowledgeable and always calls me back. Call and leave him a message.




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