I have been taking CBD Oil for a month now and can't believe how much better I feel.

CBD Oil is legal and available in all 50 states. It does not contain the THC that is in 

marijuana that makes one "high".

I started with the CBD Gummies that I mail ordered, but have found a dispensary local that I buy the oil or mouth spray from.

I sleep better, have stopped taking my arthritis medicine, have less anxiety, no more muscle spasms, general overall feeling of more energy.

It is worth a try. There are many web sites where you can buy CBD, just make sure it is !00% Colorado Hemp. 

Just Google CBD and they all come up. Even Amazon sells a good oil.

The formula for dosage is o.25 x your weight. This is the amount of grams you can start with.

Then you can adjust dosage from there.

Give it a try.

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Hi, I have tried 2 bottles but did not find very much relief from it, was hoping for more. I will look into it again.  I have been ordering online the CBD patches from Mary's Nutritional's.  It definitely helps, sometimes more than others. They are 10mg each and last for about 8 hours.   just ordered  a 30mg  patch from Sprectum but haven't used it yet. Hoping it works better because it stronger.  What is the brand you are taking in the oil?

I don't see how the patches would work very well but I have never tried them. I did like the Gummies I bought online. They were 20 mg. each and I took them three times a day.

The Oil I take is HEKA brand 300 mg. bottle. 10 mg. per drop and I take it 3 times a day. It lasts almost 30 days. I sometimes eat a piece of the chocolate bar which is yummy. throughout the day. I do know

that it takes about three weeks to get in your system. My next bottle I buy I will get the 700mg strength.

I buy from www.CBDBotique, here in ABQ,NM. You might go to their website and see what is available. It is a great website and explains a lot about each. My cousin uses the mouth spray which I might also try. It gets into your system faster and is easy to adjust. You do want to make sure it is Colorado Hemp 100%. Other places sometimes make their own and it is not as good and has fillers.

Thank you, I'm definitely going to their website, I would like to try it again, it has been about 4 yrs. since I last tried it. Gonna look into the gummies too. It's been a battle trying to find natural things for PPS, all the doctors want to do is give me pain pills and I refuse.

Also, how long does one bottle last you? I found I could go through a bottle in a week trying to get rid of pain.

Do you know the name of the gummies brand, can't seem to find any that are 20 mg?  Thanks

Email them at: info@yourcbdproducts.com


I was surprised when I got the bottle. It was so small but all the little gummies were pushed tight


Thank you!!!

I can't seem to find the 20mg gummies, still trying.

 Google:      info@mycbdproducts.com

They also have phone support: 561-331-7832   ( 8am-5pm est. )

Hope this works.

Thanks, I found the Heka brand oil, going to try that too. Did you mean you just take 1 drop 3 x a day or a whole dropper full 3 x a day?  Sorry for all the questions, I'm just excited to try all this!

Don't worry about questions. I am happy to help in any way I can. I take a full dropper three times a day. My dropper holds 10 mg. so that is 30 mg. a day and I am going to increase that. You can't overdose so no worries there.

My bottle is 300 mg. strength but the next one I buy I might go for 500 or 700 mg.

Good luck and let me know how you do. Remember to give it at least three weeks.

Thanks and I will let you know!



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