I stopped my CBD oil and went to Tumeric for PPS pain because someone recommended it.

Didn't work as far as I could tell. I went back on my CBD oil. Didn't realize how well it worked until I stopped it. I went with a stronger dosage. 45 mg in the morning of the original "Charlottes Web". I have decided to still take the Tumeric since it is good for brain function.

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I didn't have any luck with tumeric and black pepper, only mininal results if that so I stopped taking.  Want to try the CBD oil.  Do you take it at night too?  How has it helped?  Does it do anything for the twitching or vibrating or burning feeling?  Thanks

Haven’t been on this site in awhile. A year ago, someone insisted I try the turmeric tea (called detox tea on the internet). It has help me tremendously, especially with fatigue and “brain fog”. The only side effect for me so far is having the energy to do what I want when I want. I have been drinking it practically everyday for the last year. My major problem now is remembering to monitor my activities because I don’t know when I am over doing it. My fatigue was so bad sometimes I wouldn’t left my arms and would barely walk. That would last for several days. I've had only one day like that in the last nine months. Don’t get me wrong I still feel fatigued at times. But nothing like before. I still rest during the day, conserve my energy, eat right, plan my days based on my energy level, and learned to regulated all daily activities, events, surprises, trips to the store, phone calls, etc. within “my energy level”.
Praying this helps someone.

Interesting -- I might actually try it!



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