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Late pps - involuntary muscle twitches

15 months ago I lost kidney function and went on hemodialysis at a clinic. In August I went to the overnight cycler which hs been grand!  I have been experiencing muscle spasms, involuntary muscle movement which happens spontaneously day or night. I will be seeing a neurologist nthe end of the month. I suspect the kidney lost with and treatment has activated more pps. I am 78 and up to this point had experienced pps years ago.  My question, has anyone else had this experience. The tremors…


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Dealing with Post Polio Syndrome

I had gotten Polio in the mid-1950's at the tail-end of the epidemic. Living in North Central Wisconsin, we were some of the last ones to get the vaccine. When I began the process of getting my first power chair, I had told the Physical Therapist that I had been able to walk until I managed to climb into the hay loft of our family farm.

I was going to throw down straw for my dad but the chute was in the middle of the loft over the alley-way between the calf pens. I don't know how I…


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   Has anyone used marijuana for pain and sleep? News story on "Sunday Morning" today saying

seniors over 65 are finding great relief for arthritis pain and help with sleep.

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I Should Be Conserving Energy But...

I will never forget seeing the young boy with polio at the Children's Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2009. I promised that I would do whatever I could to raise awareness of polio survivors in Third World countries and for the need of complete eradication of polio worldwide. I began by speaking to Rotary Clubs but they get it. They are major contributors to eradication efforts for many years. The general public had minimal interest in this topic. That has not stopped me. It has…


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I am here!

I am here, new to this, but not to polio.

I hope to share and find information, support, and a good bit of humor.  Laughter and Rest carry me through most everything.  

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Mis-match shoes

I have alway had to wear two different size shoes - I wear a 4.5 on the left and 6.5 on the right. Now doe to the braces on the left foot I cannot wear the same size shoes, can anyone suggest what I cando with these shoes that I have...and now I have got to buy all new shoes, now I need a 5 on the left foot and  7 on the right--any idea would be greatly appreciated


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Knee replacement surgery worries.

I fell and broke my knee several years ago on my polio leg.  It has gotten progressively worse over the years to the point were it is  hard to walk and deal with the pain. My concern is this can I recover from knee replacement surgery. I am not able to do the physical therapy I see people doing after surgery.  Has anyone had knee replacement surgery on their their leg affected by polio and what was the outcome?

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Polio: Coming to a Person Near You. Dr. Richard L. Bruno

Richard BrunoPolio: Coming to a Person Near You.

Dr. Richard L. Bruno

Last November, an unusual polio outbreak occurred in The Congo Republic. A “wild” (naturally-occurring) Type I poliovirus, imported from Angola, has paralyzed at least 409 and killed 170. What is unusual is that those affected are not children under five but adults 15 to 29 and that 41% have died, versus the norm of… Continue

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Knowing How I / You Got Polio in 1962 - We Are One Of 910 People Who Did That Year ....

I Will Just LOVE To Get To Know The Very True Story Of My Polio Life  - OOp's The Life That Was To Be Me With Out Polio ( That I Will Never Know ) and How I Did Not Get To Live it- The Way God Wanted Me To  - Thank You Polio Drop's and I Do Know That God Did Not Give it To Me - So Who - ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Some-One O's Me Big-Time and All Of The 909 Ofter's ...((^_^((?... and Just Why is it That I Can Not Find A Polio Doctor In Philadelphia PA ? 

When I Was A Kid - There Where Polio…


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Looking for involvement

I am coming to Southern California, Nov 12th, I will be seeing drs as a follow up to my surgery earlier this year. Then I plan to attend the breathing seminar onthe 21st. That leaves me a week in the middle to get involved and I need the help of you southern californians! I speak at Rotary Groups, Chamber of CommenceSchools, do training, make jewelry with group, (w/,my feet of course) and could go as far north as la during that free period. I have a masters degree in edu., counseling back… Continue

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Let's come out of the closet and talk about polio

Yesterday I spoke at a luncheon meeting for Rotary international in Waco Texas. Proximately 250 members were in attendance. I asked first show of hands of those who either had polio, thought they might have had polio, or had an immediate family member that had polio, guess what half the people in the room raised their hands. It is still the disease we don't talk about. But for something that affected and still is affecting so many of us to say that discussion is one that we need to talk about.… Continue

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Polio becomes active again

Thanks so much for making that call on what I said about the polio virus becoming active again. This is why I joined a group where I know someone has experience the same thing I haved. Here is the address of just one web site that says the same thing. I had to do a lot of research on this before I went to the doctor to find out if this was my problem. My doctor never had a… Continue

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Great recourses for PPS

Great recourses for PPS

Post Polio Syndrome…


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Looking for polio survivors from Buffalo, NY

Hi, I am new to Polio Today, but not new to PPS. I grew up in Williamsville, NY, and spent a lot of time at the Buffalo Childrens Hosp. after contracting polio in 1953. I am looking for any polio survivors from the Buffalo area who were treated there during the 1950's. Are there any PPS support groups in Western NY? I am currently Pres. of the Greater Boston (MA) Post Polio Assn., but would love to be in touch with folks from the Buffalo area who had polio in the 1950's. Linda Wincenc Dobkin

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I have finally met up with someone outside of the polio community who is interested in my current projects. This lady is working with a group of people to build a community garden on the island. I am so relieved, as I have met with nothing but apathy and /or hostility from those who in theory are there to help artists. This of course only makes me more determined to finish these projects.

I'm trying to raise interest in the book I am writing for wheelchair gardeners, and to get built…


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Contacting Dr. Bruno

July 24, 2010 - Dr. Bruno gave his permission for me to post this item here:
The Post-Polio Institute has been closed at Englewood Hospital. The hospital is millions in the red, lost 3% of its patients last year and has already lost another 3% this year. A hospital VP came and told me that The Post-Polio Institute was "in the red" and that I was personally financially responsible for all of the expenses of the Institute, from my assistant's and therapists' salaries to the cost…

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Polio and Religion in Canada: the Catholic and Protestant Difference

I recently completed my Master's of History thesis project on polio and religion in Canada. Anyone who is interested in reading the findings from my oral history interview project can email me at and I can email them a pdf of my thesis.



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Polio story exerpted from memoir - "Of Firebirds & Moonmen"

From Chapter 1

… Later that same August [1945], while waiting to start eighth grade, I had a strange summer fever. I experienced some stiffness and pains in my neck and muscle spasms in my legs. After staying in bed for a few days without any improvement, my parents called Dr. Lindbeck, our family doctor (who made house calls in those days). His immediate diagnosis was that I had contracted polio, and that the worst of it was over. I wouldn’t need to go to the hospital but,… Continue

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plan to be there

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