Has anyone ever read the PPS people should not take vitamin c or Iron, that it could make one worse?  I read that on a website and thought I'd ask. I have noticed after taking a multi-vitamin (and my multi has both those) that I experience more pain, anyone else ever notice that?  So I'm going to experiment and not take anything for a week and see if there is a difference.

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IMO, PPSers should probably get more iron (though, as always, beware of iron overdose when taking irons supplements).

PPSers are susceptible to low-level rhabdomyolysis, and that causes the body to lose iron.

Low iron (ferritin) is a known cause of restless leg syndrome, BTW.

I have not read this. I never take a multi-vitamin because I need to regulate each vitamin differently. also, most multi-vitamins are mass produced without strict guidelines and use many products that are fillers that can be detrimental to PPS suffers. I only use high grade vitamins that are vegetarian made without gluten. I only take vitamins 1-2 times a week except for omega 3, 1000, which I take every day for inflammation. I take chelated manganese every night for muscle twitch. I can't take calcium because I have too much in my system, which will cause kidney stones. Make sure that the food you are eating is not adding vitamins too. I believe it is an overdose of vitamins that causes the problems not the actual vitamin. Ricki

I have had a running problem with kidney stones, very possibly caused in part by the high doses of vitamin D I was taking, on advice of docs.



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