As a new member of this forum, I'm writing to hopefully learn about others' experiences related to total knee replacement.  This has been recently recommended for me in order to alleviate the pain in this leg quite affected by polio.  Since I also have post-polio in my "good" leg, I'm concerned about the recovery/rehabilitation.  I'm also wondering just how successful a total knee transplant can be on people with such week muscles.  If anyone has had this surgery, I would very much appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks in advance.

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I had knee replacement on my NON Polio knee.  It certainly took away the pain in that knee.  My leg is much weaker but still glad I had it done. Rehab was not bad. Spent about 5 days in a rehab center then home with pt and ot home visits.  I would say about 6 weeks after operation I was able to walk well.  I still do  my Pt which is very important to keep flexible.  my experience was good. hope this helps

Thanks for your response Barbara.

However I'm really looking to hear the experiences of people who have had a total knee replacement on their "Polio" leg.


Be Well

Hi Jan

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Again I am most interested in hearing the experiences of post-polio people who have had total knee replacement not on the "good" side.

I do wear a long leg brace but you have introduced me to something that I'm unfamiliar with i.e. "an unloader brace".  I will explore that option.


Is there any evidence of "post polio" in/on your "NON Polio knee?



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