I have a problem with curiosity and I have one question that entered my mind about 20 years ago, and that was "what is the longetivity of a person who has had polio?" I knew it had to depend on the severity of the disease but never the less I still was curious and since this site has thousands of viewers, I thought why not give it a shot and see if I could arrive at a consensus.

The question is: How old are you and how how many years has it been since you contacted polio.

Now comes the difficult part. Since millions have had polio over the years it has to be more selective and so it has to be those that have never walked, never been able to use their arms, or breath unassisted. I have probably left something out in these selections and welcome any additions but I think you see my idea. I know that some people don't want to disclose their age and I understand but I am proud of my age and that I have lived this long after polio.

To start off:

I had polio in 1950, and on the 17th of this month  will have survived 64 years my age is 80 on the 3rd of this month and it all has been in the wheelchair.

I certainly hope that any respondents will put me far down on the list. :-))

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 I contacted polio when I was 4yrs old....the year was 1952... I am 66 years old so I has lived with polio for 62 years....

How has it affected you? wheelchair, crutches etc

Right now I use a walker....cane & have a AKFO... I have a scooter....  not really fond of the scooter! I'm very limited because of the hyper extension & instability of my polio leg... But I"m hoping that things will become better with a total knee replacement.... this will be my second as the first surgeon used the wrong type of replacement..... this surgeon is confident the new hinged knee will make me stable & I can get a lighter brace & maybe one just for the drop foot......  how are you affected by polio?

I was paralyzed from the waist done from day 1. My upper body has many weak area and have no balance if sitting up and raising my arms as I use them for support. The good news was that the arms and shoulders did a good job of recuperating and that was a blessing. They are gradually weakening and see a lift in the near future. Now the shoulder muscles and arms are starting to hurt and fatigue is starting. Still drive and able to get in and out of car independently. But hey, II'm 80 and have lived a fun life and so I can live with it.

Looks like so far we are the oldest in this community.

Being the oldest is an accomplishment!!!

Polio really did a number on you but you have a wonderful attitude & hearing your strength will give me strength for my upcoming surgery.... I hope they are giving you some mild exercises for your shoulders & arms .... i have had to have both shoulders repaired which is not fun....I still have a lot of living I want to do & I pray I'll make it to 80.

Hey Susan, I made it to 81 and 65 years of polio. Suppose I can draw SS for the polio as that was work?

How did the knee replacement go? Hope it was successful.

Congrats Thomas another milestone for you... doing the Happy Dance!!  In my eyes you can draw ss but the government that a whole different ballgame...

My surgery went well the out come not so well.... I've got the hinged knee & to be honest don't know if it was worth it...the pain of my muscles not recovering has really put me in a bind....now I have to go back into a AKFO & the surgeon is suggesting a drop lock....not sure I'm even liking the sound of that....I now have a compressed nerve in my back & need to see a neuro surgeon.... not liking that either....the only good thing that came of my surgery is the loss of 30 lbs.....it helps & planning on getting rid of another 15 but we will see .. easier said than done... especially with not really being able to excerise... but I am grateful everyday for what I can do... 

Keep in touch.... and Happy Birthday!!   

Friends because of Polio


I contracted polio when I was 8 months old in July of 1955 and just had my 60th birthday! 59 plus years after polio. My right leg was paralyzed and 12-13 surgeries through my 8th birthday and I was off a running (literally). Polio leg was and still is severely atrophied. At age 9 my horse fell on that leg and broke the femur just above the knee. I survived that as well, participated in anything I wanted, no interest in sports with the exception of dirt bikes which I excelled at on an amateur level. I have been very physically active all my life, cleared & fenced 5 acres, built 2 houses, cut my own firewood to this day, raised two wonderful boys and have honestly had a fantastic life. I have had 2 hip replacements on my "good" leg, the first one was not suited to my activity level and dislocated 4 times:-( I try to exercise daily, 1/2 mile on the treadmill and 15 minutes on my stationary bike. I can no longer actually run, use a cane on occasions and have a brace for drop foot I wear if I'm going to walk a lot. I am curious as to how exercising is for others. It just keeps gettin harder and I do seem to be loosing strength in my upper body. I too am looking forward to many more years.        

I contracted polio in October 1951 at age 3, I am now 66, so I have lived with polio for 63 years.  My left leg was the most affected by the polio, and the right has been the 'good' leg.  I have problems straightening out the right leg now, looked into knee replacement several years ago and the surgeon was willing, but after reading through the rehab process and talking with my brother after his knee replacement, I decided not to go ahead with it - I saw no way that I would be able to do the rehab with the 'polio leg'.......it's like a leg that is there, but it is not 100% dependable.

Lately I have noticed that energy levels drop quickly, and take longer to come back.  I use a cane inside, on not so good days, I use my scooter inside my apt.  Can't stand in one spot for more than 3 minutes.  Have found that mild exercise is good for keeping things movable, but not for strengthening.  I do what I can, but find myself needing assistance more and more.  Can't say its fun, but my theory is 'I have today', and I'll make the most out of it.

Hi, I suppose I'm one of the younger polio survivors, I contracted polio at 2mths old ,in 1970. I am now 45. I have a weakened right leg, and walk with a limp. My right foot is about 1 inch smaller then my left foot.I have had 2 surgeries that I remember, (mom says I had surgery  as an infant)I wore a metal brace to my knee during childhood and in my teen years was given an afo, which at the time wasn't realistic caused more pain then help, so I quit wearing it. But at the age of 38 started wearingan improved one  again, now I can't leave the house without it, hence becoming weaker.   I have been unable to work since 2007   I was diagnosed with pps during that time. I was at a point where walking was difficult for me and falling became an almost daily thing. I was becoming weaker fast. And the pain through out my body is just overwhelming at times. I am currently facing back surgery and I have no idea what to expect, however my doctor is wanting to wait until he is fully familiar with my pps which I am really grateful for.   I am under 4 doctors care, and have been blessed with always being really well taken care of.


You have a very intelligent doctor - so many don't believe in such a thing as PPS.  I have found that Dr. Bruno's book on PPS is extremely good for both the physicians and for others wanting to find out more about it.  Plus, if you email Dr. Bruno, you are likely to get a response.  Plug in to the internet Dr. Richard L Bruno and post polio syndrome and his information will come up.  

I wish you all the best with your surgeries.  

Nancy Nye

Thank you Nancy, I agree my doctors have my best interest at heart. I have read Dr. Bruno's book and funny, I am currently reading it again. It is a great book, and I am still learning about my condition. I will look into contacting Dr Bruno, but I do have a question, is there another book that you may have read or are familiar with to recommend as well?

Thank you,




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