How have you benefited from joining a support group? What advice would you give someone who was considering it?

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Unfortunately like many others I can no longer get to a PPS support group. But in the past I've found them invaluable for the sharing of information, and learning that PPS symptoms are just that, and not personal failures. I've heard others say much the same too

I'm sorry you can no longer get to a PPS support group. I hope our growing online community becomes your new support group.
Michael S said:
I'm sorry you can no longer get to a PPS support group. I hope our growing online community becomes your new support group.
When I lived in Southern California, I helped run a large post-polio support group in Ventura County. It was a great source of information, friendship and support. There is a support goup in my area, but they are more of a social group that meets only quarterly for lunch. They do not offer much in the way of information or support. There are only a few post-polio people living in this area and most do not have the same challanges as I do. I guess the smart people moved to the warm states... Support groups are extremely helpful and necessary in my opinion!
Hi, Michael - I Coordinate Polio Network Victoria (Australia) and recently did a little survey of what people got out of the 16 support groups going in Victoria. Check my website for their comments (head to bottom of the page for the attachment) -
Cheers - Mary-ann
The only way to really help ourselves is to learn as much as possible about PPS and ways to conserve energy.
Local groups know doctors, physical therapists, etc. Many medical professionals suggest therapies that only make things worse, ie lifting weights to strengthen muscles. We need to educate ourselves in order to be sure we are getting appropriate treatment.
Also, support groups offer members a way to vent frustrations and discuss various problems. It is often difficult for someone who knows us over many years, to understand what is changing and why we need to adjust our life styles.
Since joiningthis group I've moved to a city where there is no support group for PPS. I phoned the state orginization, and they are agreeable for a PPS group to be set up here. I sugested a venue which is easily accessed by wheelchairs. Does anyone want to share ideas on how to start off a new group?
Hi, does anyone know of a support group in Orange County. I live in Tustin and was wondering if anybody knew of one? Thanks, Cheryl
Cheryl check out:

Polio Survivors Plus - Orange County
Post Office Box 645
Lake Forest, CA 92609
Meetings: Fourth Wednesdays
Contact: Sue Lau at (714) 639-7497 or
Gene Minder at

There is a list of other Support Groups around California on the "California PPS Groups" member group.
Thank you Michael, I will check it out! Cheryl



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