i am considering a stance control KAFO to replace a regular KAFO.  has anyone done this?  and if so, what pros/cons did you experience?

thank you,


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Hi there,
I went from two rigid kafos to stance comtrol braces about six year ago.
The first ones In had were the Ambroise UTX they are a single sided design
they worked well but were very prone to failure both at the knee joint and at the foot.
About two years ago I got a set of the Becker units these are more convential moulded
plastic braces, they have not been without their problems and need a insert lift in the heel.
I fond this essential in order to get the knee joint to open and lock as required, but that said
they work well for me and have resulted in a reasonably gait. I would definitely suggest that you
investigate this a bit further and give it a go.
Regards Jim

Hi Jim,

Appreciate your reply.  I've been wondering if anyone uses this site anymore.  I have been cast and fitted and measured for a stance control.  hope to get the finished product soon.  am always a bit hesitant to change brace as it will affect gait.  however, from what i have read in researching this, it should provide more stability and fall prevention.  am sure adjustments to brace will be needed as i've never had a new one which this did not occur.

am glad to hear the stance control is working out for you.  will let you know how this works out.

thanx again,


Hi Thomas,
Out of interest what manufacture of stance control braces are you getting.

hi Jim,

the manufacturer is Fillaver SPL.  Am experiencing a hotspot currently with brace and the orthotic person is adjusting brace.  tough to get a new brace and have it fit from the beginning.


hi...i found this...i hope it can help us both.  Mary                             http://www.hangerclinic.com/bracing-support/adult-le/Pages/Stance-C...                                                                                                                                                     



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