Hi Princess

As you have chosen to have your messages moderated then I just place it here.

I received your email and there seems to be some discrepancies re your age which you state to be 23 yrs yet on your profile you say you contracted Polio in 1952. NOT, very likely.  You paint a very sorry story regarding your parent’s death and now your plight, of living orphanage etc.  What I would like to know is what scam you are trying to pull.   If you can’t be truthful GET OFF our site, it is for Polio Survivors worldwide to connect without getting scammed.  If I’m wrong about you I’m sorry.  So if you would like to connect with me, start by telling the truth.

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Hi everyone,

I have suspended "princess" for spam.  I'm sorry if she has contacted any of you. 

To be safe, I would advise that you DO NOT call and DO NOT email her outside of the forum.

Thanks Ella and Gladys for notifying me.


it looks like "Princess"...who is running around issuing invitations to join here now, is a troll of sorts.

It does come here to "GET OFF", and I don't mean to leave !   Now wait for it to ask for money or some such

sexual favor.   Yes...refer to Princess as IT...and that is intentional.   Hey...nice try, FELLA!

Maybe it was an error in typing,personally made an error while applying for polio today membership which I corrected later on my page,instead of 2010 the year i started experiencing PPS I typed 1975 the year I contracted polio.if she s telling lies then its a disgrace,

  Nice time members!



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