After being diagnosed with PPS years ago,now in my 60"s I feel like I am getting more

fatigued and weak. Does anyone else notice this or is it just me? Sometimes I feel a little down.

Is there anything to take for more energy?

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Definitely.  The first signs of PPS hit me when I was in my early 50s, and it's been downhill since (I'm 65).  I don't have the terrible fatigue I used to, thanks to Intuniv and some vitamins, but I get weaker every year.  I used to be an avid cyclist but have just about had to give it up, because I simply don't have the strength.

The hardest part after being diagnosed with PPS was learning how to pace myself.  The only thing that helps my fatigue is rest. I am doing very well in my effort to maintain the strength and stamina I still have by doing gentle exercise for 1/2 an hour in a warm pool 3 times a week.  I have increased activities such as reading and hand quilting because i can do it while I am resting. For temporary relief from fatigue, I do enjoy drinking a cup of coffee. I am a regular at our local Starbucks!

I was recently diagnosed with PPS and retired. I didn't have the energy to continue working. I accelerated in the fast lane physically; going from no assistance to multiple devices since Jan 2014. Being a survivor, like one survivor's stated, we learn to monitor and adjust rapidly to obstacles. Looking back over the last ten years or so, I have had many symptoms, but made the adjustments and kept going. But in Jan. everything hit and hit hard. Not only did I lose many physical abilities I lost the ability to concentrate and comprehend. I thought I was losing my mind. I'm currently in the stage of trial and error with medication. I realize the skills used in the past to overcome is not working. I have gone from doing anything to do almost nothing. I don't have the mental nor physical strength to accomplish simple daily tasks.
Any suggestions on how to manage will be useful.

For about 10 years I found Strattera, an ADHD medication, to be exceedingly helpful with the fatigue and "brain fog".  However, the side-effects of that drug (mainly numbness and dry mouth) were too severe, so after some trial and error my shrink switched me to Intuniv.  It's not quite as effective but it has zero side-effects (it even lowers your BP a bit).

I've also just recently found methyl-B12 and "PS" -- phosphatidylserine -- to apparently have some effect on the fatigue.  These are "over the counter" drugs but a little difficult to find.

I do think it's important to get some sort of regular daily exercise, if you're physically able.



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