I'm wondering if anyone here has been diagnosed with pancreatitis -- a (usually chronic) inflammation of the pancreas.  Symptoms are pain, fatigue, progressive neuropathy, and several others.  (Sound familiar?)  Jaundice or diabetes may or may not be present.  And there is intriguing evidence that polio may sometimes be involved in the development and progression of the disease.  Yet I've never see any mention of pancreatitis as a possible cause of PPS symptoms.

The most notable signs of pancreatitis are upper-abdominal pain (particularly spots on the left and right edges of the back, near the bottom of the rib cage), other random abdominal pains, and assorted problems with pooping -- in particular "greasy" stools and lots of gas.  But the disease can lead to body-wide pain, arthritis, and several other side-effects.  Intermittent episodes of intense itching, with no apparent rash, are another sign.  And some degree of psoriasis is common.

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