Does anyone have the portable Wheelchair88 or the Smart Chair and do you like it, pro's and con's please?

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love your babies. so cute. i got polio in 53. i was 3. have brace on left leg, walker, scooter, walking stick. i also have a big scooter that can go out and b rugged. i have a brother that lives in washington. i don't know what a wheel chair 88. i have a hoveround. and 2 more. they did not work so my husband fixed them up. now i have 3 for different uses. 

Hi Pamela, Nice to hear from you, and I see you use multiple mobility aids, I also have the left leg brace, walking stick, cane, walker, scooter and have just been evaluated and measured for a power chair, should have it in about a month, But for traveling, I am looking for one of the newer very light weight folding power chairs like the KD Smart Chair or the Foldaway by Wheelchair88.

i have a pic on my husbands phone of a new power chair. it folds up. can put in back of car, truck and can go on airplane. i don't know the names. must go find his phone. dang husband, leaves it every where.

Barbara Ann, would you know if insurance pays for the wheelchairs>

yes they do. call ins. and find out how much. if your on medicare or your secondary ins. hope that helps.

can you tell me what a wheel chair looks like.

Thank You,I will call.

Barbara Ann, I purchased the wheelchair88 (

6 months ago. It is very easy to fold, a tad tricky to un-fold. It weighs 45 lbs and is easy to lift into the trunk or back seat. I am 6 ft tall, 180 lbs and find it a tad 'small' but with a 4 inch pad it suffices. At the airport it was simply check in and go to the plane door, stand up and walk to the seat. The plane personnel took the chair down below. The process was reversed on landing.

I certainly would not want to live in it but it is comfortable. It will go 8 miles (not fully tested) on a charge, or if you buy the 2nd battery, 16 miles. 

I also own a Gogo Ultra scooter and actually prefer the Gogo when it comes to driveability. With the wheelchair you steer with the rear wheels. I found that takes a bit of getting used to, but not all that much. 

Hope that helps.




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