new to the  forum and wanted to check in. some of this is from my parents as i was 6 years old when i got polio. i went into the hospital in portland the same day the first shippment of the salk vacine arrived in that city. latly i have had to face some bad experiences i had growing up. post polio has made it impossible to ignore longer. i remember the ride in the ambulance from one hospital to the other a spinal tap, but most of all how lonley isolation was. in 1955 there was no tv in hospital rooms, at least mine. i didnt understand why i couldnt be around even my parents. i would listen for my mothers shoes on the floor of the hall way. i always knew when it was her the sound was easy for me to pick out. she would stand at the door and talk to me, it was the highlight of my day.  the nurses were flat mean i really didnt see much of them. twice a day i got a pennacilin shot and yes i know a virus cant be cured with any antibodic. but this was 1955. I dont have a copy of it anymore but my picture was in the portland paper as one who went into the hosp just as a cure was available. i remember it well as it was taken with the family pets including a rabbit. somewhere there should be a way to find a copy but i dont know how. anyway enough of ancient history. now i have lots of pain problems sleeping and did i mention pain?  left leg has always been a problem i could be walking or trying to run and it would just colapse.  other health problems are 2 heart attacks and now a pace maker defibulator.  arthritis in my fingers are telling me i need to quit and maybe add some later if anyone is interested. joe gifford

forgot to mention sometimes my computer mis-spelles words

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thanks i have learned a lot so far i have really tired to ignore my pain and fatigue etc. but even ocy dosent relieve it all. joe

Hi Joe.  Were you meaning Portland Oregon? I live here in Oregon. My email is


yes portland ore sending email

If the newspaper still exists they likely have a "morgue" with back issues on microfilm (or maybe even computer).  Or the local library may have them.

(And my computer has a lot of spelling problems too.  I've complained to the manufacturer, but they ignore me.)

i recently bought a new computer and it is not any better at spelling as the old one. joe

I also remember the loneliness (and being scared).  It was 1951 and the summer of my thirteenth year.  I was placed in a ward with rows of beds on each side.  There were only a few patients in the ward and no one close enough to talk to.  There was also a child who cried all the time.  I looked forward to the visits of the nurses.  Having a very mild case I was only visited by a doctor a few time.  Since the hospital was about 150 miles from home, I did not receive many visitors during my 10 to 14 day stay.

I honestly think the doctors and nurses were afraid to be close to me. isolation seemed to last for weeks as i was 6 years i have no idea how long it was for sure. i do remember when i got out of isolation being taken to a room with a tv and many other kids in it. there were kids crying  standing up and peeing through the bars on their cribs it was not a good visit i was probably the oldest kid there and still no one to talk to. maybe that is why i went into sales i like to talk after that all i did was talk. acutally i kinda like being alone or just with my wife quite peacfull not bad at all. lately i have had a loss of balance and more pain all the time. thank god and the pharmacy for pain killers. they dont kill the pain but make it bearable. where were you when you were in the hosp. when i was in there was a lot of patients in portland ore.

I am originally from a small town in central Virginia, and I was in the hospital at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.

I know what you mean about fatigue, pain. problems sleeping. I also have arthritis in hands and knees. I just do what I can when I can, rest and cat nap when I need to. I still have plenty of time in between that I can have my hobbies, reading, visiting, shopping, just enjoying being alive.    It was a weird feeling growing up, I spent a few times at The Shriner's Hspt. and Doernbecher Hspt. I missed mom and dad but the Shriner's also seemed like home to me, and when I went home I felt out of place, it always definately felt like mom and dad's home, not mine. Not their fault, that's just the way it was.

i know where you are comming from. i many times felt that my parents and especially my mother resented me for having polio. several times she said    if only you wouldnt have gotten polio we would have fill in the blank more money, bigger house, more vacations more more and more.  that is something i havent told a half a dozen people in my entire life.  i was ashamed for having polio and never told anyone i didnt have to. made things like P E in school a real bummer. when you cant run an 2 hundred yards in high school it is kinda embarrasing. here i go again whining joe



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