I need help of all friends, who can donate money for my spinal and legs surgery. This surgery is too costly and beyond my reach.

Please help me as after this surgery I will be able to sit properly, without pain and after some time, hopefully I will be able to walk again with help of braces.

Cost of this surgery in India is aprox. 5000 US$ and I have only 2000 US$ in my hand. Hospital is helping me with free medicines and stay for 20 days.

Kindly help me, I want to live without pain and also want to survive without anyone's assistance.

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I'll say this as gently as I can:  Unfortunately there have been many scams originating out of India where people claim to have polio or other such problems and ask for financial help.  I recall one lady who was bilked out of tens of thousands of dollars (that she really needed for herself) supposedly to help a kid be sent to the US for surgery.  We have no way to know whether you are genuine or a fraud.

I requested on this forum just because I thought that people might understand the pain of a patient, who is surviving with pain. Not interested for thousand dollars, but just few dollars or Euros, that you spend everyday on smoking or buying a glass of wine or bear.

Hi Vikram,

Sorry to hear that you have to get surgery done. When and where are you getting your surgery done ?? What exactly are they planning to do. What kind of surgery ??? I am struggling myself but may be able to spare some money, but definitively be able to help you spread awareness of your condition and help needed. Please send me the details. Feel free to email me directly at Sidhumonpreet@gmail.com

Good Luck !!


Hi Monpreet,

Thank you so much for your concern, I have managed some amount only 80,000 INR are need to manage.

I am going for surgery of spinal cord as 1 of my disk is dislocated because of accident of my wheel chair. Doctors are also planning a small surgery in my right leg to implant a small steel plate, so that I can walk properly. This surgery is planed in Kanpur medical college. If I will be able to manage complete amount, I will get treatment by the mid of May 2012 and after that physiotherapy for 2 months. Hopefully I will be able to walk with the help of stick as I use to 2 years back.



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