I am getting some VERY SEVERE muscle spasms in my right hip.  This is of the sudden "electric shock" variety, only these are more like electrocution -- when one hits I almost fall down, and one could be fatal if it hit me on the stairs.

This has come and gone for years, but in the past week has gotten much worse, especially at night when I'm getting into/out of bed.  They abate during the day but then return in the evening, making it hard to sleep.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I get those in my calfs and different parts of legs, When that happens I take more magnesium and it seems to stop them.  

I've researched this a bit and I'm fairly well convinced that it's "piriformis syndrome".  Does anyone have any experience with this condition?

Update:  It's settled down, mostly.  After 3 nights of the bad "shocks" it turned into more of a pain/ache across my entire buttocks, then to a pain just in one specific region (right where the "shocks" seemed centered), then into more of a backache.

I had an injection (just a plain old shot of drugs) in that hip just prior to the shocks getting bad.  I kind of wonder if the injection needle went through the glute (which is thinner than in most people due to polio) and into the piriformis.

Well, after another couple of weeks, the pain has finally mostly resolved, such that now I can sleep on that hip.  I strongly suspect that the severe, prolonged muscle spasms caused some myopathy (just as polio spasms did originally), and that was the source of the persistent pain.



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