Has anyone received this type of Bodywork?  I was introduced to the technique thru my Pilates instructor.  My experience was not good.  I understand the principal of activating weak muscles to change.  the practitioner worked exclusively on my polio leg.  During the session there was minimal change to weak muscles.  THe follow day I was so fatigued.  It lasted for about 4 days.  I was told that this would happen but not the deep fatigues and lethargy.  I will not get another treatment even though the practitioner encourages me to try again.  I just feel that since what I am doing in way of exercise is helping me and taking on another modality

that creates more fatigue is not good for me.  Has anyone else tried this technique and what was your experience. 

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Yes, I have had something that didn't help at all and put me in lots of pain for a couple of days. I don't think it was what you had though.  I would like to know if anyone has benefited from accupuncture for the pain or weakness we experience and has anybody tried Reiki?
Yes I have tried both, acupuncture and Reiki!  Both were ok but did not totally help the pain and weakness. The chinese doctor who used acupuncture was very good and was able to help me relax.  The traditional chinese acupuncture was the best.  Reiki was for me just a way of relaxing.  BUT I am very sensitive to energy work and found that I would go very deep into an old trauma.  Knowing that I was able to bring myself back to now.  I also have done and continue somewhat with psyco-therapy!  Working thur the polio at age 4 and the years following have left some deep negative thoughts that can, if I let them, rule me today.
That's interesting, since I didn't know till 4 years ago I had polio as an infant I don't have the deep feelings. I'm trying to find something for the pain and weakness I experience every day and that definitely comes with some negative feeling, hard to accept this is the rest of my life, maybe I do need some psyco-therapy.........lol
Hi, I have not tried any of the procedures mentioned however I have considered trying them. Living with pain and fatigue  every day is very difficult and somedays i consider anything! :)  However ,the question I have is any one tried vitamins for energy? I tried b-complex and it caused me to twitch severly. I really would like to increase my energy levels just a little bit, I wonder is there any hope?
I take l-carnitine, it is a amino acid that really seems to help with the fatique but take it in the morning because it does give you energy. I also take a multiple and more because of other issues.  Go to the wa.polio group listed under groups and Tessa has some good ideas on what to take.............I keep searching too because nothing make it totally disappear......I think that's what I'm looking for.

Thank you Cheryl, I will look up the info.... I hope something will work, I'm  so tired of being sick and tired! lol :)


Co-enzime Q10 is the one I take to boost energy levels.



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