Hi, im really curious, has any one ever been tested  for low dopamine levels?

Does anyone have symptoms of low dopamine levels?

It is my understanding that us a polio survivors may not be able to produce the hormone dopamine, due to the neurons in our brain being damaged ( I read this in the polio paradox book by Rchard Bruno) .

I am experiencing loss of focus, loss in memory, no motivation, etc... signs of low levels of dopamine...

If anyone can offer some insight I would really appreciate it...

I do plan on making an appt  with my physician so she can run the necessary test.

I'm hopeful that there is a solution to the symptoms I am having...

Thank you,


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I've never seen anything specifically regarding dopamine.  (I read Bruno's book many years back but don't recall what he may have said there.)

PPSers generally have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms to a varying degree, of course, and that syndrome encompasses the symptoms you describe.

Some of us have found significant relief with various medications, including Strattera and Intuniv (which are ADHD drugs).

Let us know if the testing turns up anything.  (I'm not sure that dopamine is something that can be readily tested.)

thank you for your response. I have an appointment scheduled for today, I am hoping for some answers..

I will share any type of information I receive...



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