I have been using this drug for over three years now. The strength has been increased recently and it seems to be helping quite a bit with the tingling and the "on fire" feeling. I haven't seen it spoken of at all on any of this sites forum groups and was interested to know if anyone has had it prescribed to them and how they did.

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While it is illegal here in most of the USA, except I believe in Colorado recently, I understand what you are saying. And I do understand the extreme right or for that matter the left.

Fortuately though not radicle I believe in the justice system and I believe in the laws of our land and thus go accordingly. 

I have been taking Gabapentin for over 9 years now and it has been amazing for me, it has dulled the tinging and burning, to being hardly noticeable, before I could hardly carry on a conversation because it drove me so crazy, I couldn't focus on anything else. Best of luck. Shari

Hello Shari...could you tell me the dosage when you first began and what your taking now. Thanks and welcome to Polio Today

Hi Susan,

I find it hard to believe that Gabapentin is an illegal drug in the USA as it has been used routinely for other problems until it was discovered that it was also effective on nerve pain. There are always drugs that are available in one country and not the other however I  can't imagine it being classified illegal to use, I would think it is probably just unavailable as to the best of my knowledge it is not the least addictive. I started out on a low dosage three times a day and then it was increased over time to 300mg three times a day. It is a very common prescription for nerve pain here. I have never experienced any side effects with it, which I am fortunate and it has given me my life back. It could be used under a different name in the States, this is pretty common as well.  I hope you are able to find the help you need with it.

To my knowledge, gabapentin is not illegal in the US.  It is a "prescription drug", but not even a "controlled substance", so it's readily available.  (Susan's reply of Dec 3 appears to be referring to marijuana, not "gabby".)

There was some legal action against the manufacturer some years back, but that was due to illegal marketing activities, not anything to do with the drug itself.

Do you find that it really helps? I still have nerve pain and I am on the same dosage you are.

I tried it (under the name Neurontin).  Could not see any results.  But, I have heard many good reports on it.

HI Susan,

I had used it for several years when the nerve pain was more acute.  I gradually decreased the dosage and went off  (I just take too many meds!).  I didn't have any increase in pain when I went off, and I didn't note any improvement when I took it, but we are all different.  Anyway, I think if you are at a stage for the nerve pain is bad, it definitely helps.  Just my experience...


I've been taking Gabapentin for a long time at various strengths and now take 300mg. caps 4 times a day (also take pain meds at same time). About a year or so ago I started having a tingling, numbing feeling in my last 2 toes on my left foot.  I thought it sounded like possibly I was experiencing neuropathy or something like that. My doc sent me to a Neurologist but he said "no"; I wasn't impressed by him at all. Probably should get a 2nd opinion, ya think? 

I was experiencing numbness in my toes, apparently related to the Strattera I was taking for PPS fatigue.  (I'm not taking "gabby".)  Saw a (not particularly confidence-inspiring) neuro and he said I had no problem.  Eventually switched to Intuniv, which is not quite as good on the fatigue front but far fewer side-effects.  Took about 2 years for the numbness to (almost) dissipate.

For me the sensation was like I had mud between my toes.

The trade name is neurontin, it comes in 600 & 800mg tabs. It has been used successfully to control spontaneous nerve signals and pain. I have found that some pps are very sensitive to it and can have unwanted side effects like tiredness, so your dosage needs to be for you. Many Drs start at the smaller size, @ 1 tab/1x day and increase up to 1 tab/3x day. Then move on to the larger tab @ 1tab/2x day..... to a maximum of 2400mg/day. Many can not cope with this level, I could and found it was beneficial for the muscle twitching and some level of pain control. I was taking other meds for pain mgmt so it was not my primary for pain control. After adipose stem cell prcedure, I do not have to take it or any other of the 7 different meds I was taking, I figure my liver and kidneys thank me!!!

Would you please share what a adipose stem cell prcedure is, I would love to say good bye to some of my medication. 




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