I have been using this drug for over three years now. The strength has been increased recently and it seems to be helping quite a bit with the tingling and the "on fire" feeling. I haven't seen it spoken of at all on any of this sites forum groups and was interested to know if anyone has had it prescribed to them and how they did.

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Typo .....Gabapentin.

yep...your right. Sorry about that. Are you taking Gabapentin Henry?

I did try them , but they made me more than tired and very drowsy . Can,t remember the strengthof them off hand . I,m now taking 2mg diazepam tabs when the spasms start .

I was once hanging out on another site where "gaby" was discussed fairly often.  Folks there found it quite effective for neuopathic pain and some types of spasms/cramps.  IIRC, though, it was a little "over-sold" by the vendors and was pushed for some other conditions where it wasn't nearly as effective -- got some drug co suits in trouble.

It is unfortunately true that pain is strongly affected by the "placebo effect", so it was easy to convince people that it was working in cases where it didn't, really.

I'm thinking that some other drugs came along and kind of pushed out in many cases, but I don't recall the details. 

(Neuro pain has never been a problem for me.)

Gabapentin is used commonly (an old drug, to be sure)  for those that have Epilepsy problems, but it sure helps the burning, tingling and such with my neuropathy.

Thankfully your not yet effected by this syndrome.  It's common with aged Polio people, or so I've been told. Kind of interesting to know that most of the "end" neurons in all extremities fail at around 25 years after diagnosis of PPS.

I use. 3 times a day. But when the weather changed i have some trouble .I from Brasil

It's nice.i feel better. I go to use a carnitina  again. here in Brasil they go to start a test with 2 drugs for pós polio. 

See this discussion on a different forum: http://www.inspire.com/markysgram/journal/nuerotin/

I just checked out the site you recommended.  Thanks Dan I appreciate it very much. It gave me more insite as I read the different comments. I found the blurred vision info particularly interesting since I am having that occurence. I do have my yearly appt with my eye care doctor this month. I thought perhaps the blurred vision was due to my on going cataract problem.....maybe not. We will see. Anyway thanks for remembering. I'll post the outcome.

 This article is quite complete. As we know the Post Polio is different for each. Some have greater sensitivity to cold. Others in walking. And Pain is pain! For some other little higher and these differences must be respected     .https://www.facebook.com/SindromePosPolioBrasil/posts/309581155814312

So how are you doing Ari...          

How do I do? I avoid messing with their hands in ice water in the winter .. not always possible .. gapabentina use anti inflammatories and when is necessary. I try to use the breath to calm down but it is not always possible. Many doctors recommend cannabis as a relaxant here .. and really is. Problem and moral prejudices prevent them from discussing their use. Since part of the community of disabled persons is connected right to the extreme right (I think it's absurd) and religious movements that burned in bonfires before us and now they want our tithe. Some European and American States here in Uruguay release the medical use of marijuana.



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