I promised I would let you know how my experiment turned out

Post Polio Syndrome robbed me of my enjoyment in life until I began taking this supplement.  As I promised, I am giving you the information about the product I found that has given me back more energy, memory, mind focus, and general feeling of wellbeing. I even stopped taking the supplement for a day (I was going to stop it for a week) to test it, but on the second day I could hardly get out of bed and that night sleep was fitful. I had pains in my legs that I had forgotten that I was living with for so many years.

The VidaCell had rid my body of the pain. It is funny how one forgets the bad things in life so quickly. Before I began taking the VidaCell I was in chronic pain in my legs, back and frequently my shoulders and arms. Yes, the Kangen water helped a great deal and kept me out of a wheel chair.  My brain fog was so bad I had to write a note to remember what I was doing. I carried a note pad in my pocket. I even forgot why I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea etc.). I was in fear of getting Alzheimer’s.   I could not type very long without pain setting in. George (my sweetie) reminded me to take my VidaCell the next morning because my brain fog was back thus I was not able to think (to understand what was wrong with me).  If you would like more information please let me know. In the mean time here is the site my Husband set up just so I could get it wholesale.  http://www.greatlifeintl.com/dsieg

When I took the VidaCell that morning (3 days ago), again my brain seemed to have a little burst or flash like beautiful fireworks that went off in my head. I was so amazed that I looked around to see if I could see what was flashing. It was in my brain.

My writing skills  and creativity are back which means I can now write my long awaited book. I have so much to share. We all have a story in us and I have to tell mine. I am taking a sabbatical just to do this. Life is beautiful again. I have a smile on my face as I type this. I am sleeping so well now. I am enjoying our little patio garden and the beautiful bird song coming in my window.

Blessings to you


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You may have to refresh the page after you click the link. Some do. It opens well in Chrome and most browsers
I am making a list as we are going to join George's niece at Lake Erie here they have a cabin for the July 4th weekend. We will get to enjoy fireworks over the lake. I know it will bring back memories of burstings over the lake in Idaho when I was growing up. July 4th was always such a fun day for us. I remember about the year 1952 it snowed on the 4th of July. Every year a parade was in Rupert, Idaho and we would all sit in the park in the center of the business district and watch. I remember the chear leaders and band leaders had red legs because of the cold snow. I felt sorry for those girls. After the fun day in the square and carnival we drove out to Minidoka Dam where fireworks display was the highlight of the evening. We went home happy and so tired. Sometimes I cannot remember going into the house.. I think mom and dad carried us into the house and put us to bed. Now we honor our fallen and wounded souldiers. I pray for all mothers, wives, fathers and children of our brave men and woment in the armed forces, past and present
Hi Dolores-

What is this VidaCell that you are taking? I also experience the same things that you experience about the brain fog,writing issues,pains. My memory has taken a toll me too. I sometimes forget what I had done just seconds before and I get frustrated because I can't remember. I use to have great memory but now my memory fears me. I sometimes can't even get words that I want to say out loud. It's a very scary moment for me because I'm still young but I'm already having memory issues. Needless to say I have 2 kids that rely on me but sometimes I have to rely on them to do basic things for me.
Take care and God Bless,

Hi Amy
I have been taking the VidaCell for a month now and have become a new person. I no longer take Vicodin and rarely take Tylenol anymore. I am writing again and working a business. I used to sit in front of the computer and play games or lie in bed.
You can see for yourself here http://www.greatlifeintl.com/dsieg
I suffered heat exhaustion last Monday and I usually am in bed for 2 weeks after it happens. I am up and about and started cleaning my apartment today. The Vida Cell is from 4 special grains of rice in Asia that was developed to improve the life expectancy of babies in one of the countries there. A high number of babies died before they were a year old and a doctor decided to find something to help those babies thrive. This product is the result of that and it is now being used around the world. I was introduced to it by a person who heard about it and knew I was having a problem with memory and stamina and severe pain.
I called many people who take it because I really research something before I try it. I am so happy I have it now and I will never be without it.
If you have more questions I will try to get the answers. I just signed up as a consultant because I am truly a believer as I am walking proof. My Post Polio symptoms are gone.
If you want to call me you can

I bought VidaCell in granular form. I have only taken it twice so far and I will tell you why.

It's disgusting! It does not dissolve in any liquid, just clumps up. Therefore, I can't say if

it works or not. It expires in November so I have time to take it. My recommendation:


Delores, if you are friends with Sharon Noah I would like to communicate with you.

Dolores, don't you think you should reveal to your readers that the "/dsieg" on the end of the link above is there so you'll get your $$ kickback from GreatLife International for any sales that result from your posts?

After all, a testimonial should carry much less weight if you're getting paid to make it. People have a right to know that you're getting paid.

I am going to try it. I hope it is "for-real."

I will report my experience.

Dolores, the product sounds interesting. However when I attempt to go to their website (http://www.greatlifeintl.com/product.php) and try to go to the 'purchase page' to get an idea of the costs, the link gets a 404 error. I wonder how legit this outfit can be with that 404 error.

Not even Dolores is legit.  She was a marketer in an MLM scheme.



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