My name is Susie.  I'm new on this site.  I have had PostPolio since I was an infant. It affected my left leg.  I can still walk, but I walk with a limp.  I'm looking to connect with people who have PostPolio.

Just wanted to hear that I am not alone.  I live in San Diego.  Please feel free to comment and connect with me send me your email or text.  I'd be to happy to hear from you.

Susie Kearney

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Hello & welcome!!

We're certainly glad to have you here, but understand that there are only a handful of active members remaining.  Hopefully some of them will check in!

I'm Dan, 67 pushing 68 and had polio when I was 2, affecting most of my body, but not leaving me obviously disabled.  In fact, I didn't even figure out that I'd had polio until 15 years ago when the PPS caught up with me and the neuro at Mayo said I had "classical old polio signs".  Then I worked out that my dad had never told my mom what I had, and he only sort of confessed this after I was telling him about my diagnosis.  That's the way things worked back then, if you had "non-paralytic" polio.

I've been struggling with the condition since, compounded by a couple of others.  I have worked out some useful "tricks" along the way, however, to cope with the symptoms.

Hi Susie, you are not alone and I think there is a group that meets in San Diego too. I live in Orange County and I feel like you, I wish I had one friend who had this to relate to. I know nobody with this also. Welcome



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