I began having PPS symptoms in 94 and was diagnosed with it in 1996.  After a 5 year struggle...it won, I slowed way down, as we all know I had no choice but to wave the white flag.  As I look back at it now, PPS seemed to go into some kind of remission of sorts where most of the fatigue and pain settled down to be at least a bit more tolerable for over 15 years.

Because of some other health issues PPS has raised its ugly head again and running full bore this time.  I was just interested to know if anyone else has had this thing go into what I call remission?  Thanks

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PPS hit me bad about 2002, and at first I was wondering whether I'd be in a wheelchair in a year.  It was a struggle for a couple of years to learn how much I could and couldn't do, what drugs I could and couldn't take, etc, but after awhile I got things stabilized.

Don't get me wrong -- I can still detect a steady loss of strength, year-to-year.  But I'm still able to work (almost) full time and ride a bicycle 75 miles a day (on a good day).  I'm guessing I'll have to give up biking in another couple of years, and that will make me sad, but I've had about ten more years than I expected.

PS:  What really sucks is all the other ailments we fall prey to at this age.  I have a fairly bad kidney stone situation that has had me on my butt much of this summer, and 18 months ago I slipped on the ice and wrecked my shoulder -- that took months of therapy.

Geesh, I hear you.  I know I have ailments as is common as we grow older, but mine as many seem to take so much longer to heal. And actually more severe.  It seems that the doctors still don't understand the limits of someone that had polio and  those that didn't.  Totally different.  The sadest thing is no one will take the time to understand, cause when we are gone we are gone. I don't think it's that doctors don't care. I think with the restraints of cost that they have, they simply can't.  Doesn't help us much does it?

I know how you feel. Adjusting to this "thing" is a tough call.  As you, I'm very active and I know from the time spent to understand this risidual Polio, that I'll pay the next day or the next.  I hate it but it's what it is..............so we just go on and like I said we adjust..... kind of.

you know, I wish more people who are part of this web site would get more involved.  They seem to sign up, tell their story and then they are gone.  It's sad because if I had known more when I was first diagnosed and that there were people I could reach out too, it would have helped me so much.

Take care of you my friend, Susan



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