Hi, I was wondering if any one has had a problem going to an ER? I had fallen at Mass and had to be taken to an ER because it was my good leg that I could not put pressure on...so as you all know the Polio leg would not function without the good leg...It was an awful experience..wondering if any of you have had such a problem?? thanks for the input and help...

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What kind of problem are you talking about?  The interminable wait, the expense, the way you're treated, the fact that you will probably catch something worse than what you went in for.

Dan, sorry I did not make it more explicit...I fell hurting my good leg that has really carried me around most of my life..the polio leg is in a full leg brace...the physican took xrays and nothing was broken but i seem to have ligament or tendon problems and was not able to to put pressure on it hence I could not walk...they needed the room so I had to make plans on what to do...I finally decided I needed a rehab home who could help me...all this was on private pay because the hospital would not admit me...I just wondered what other handicapped / disabled people do if they dont have the money to go into a private pay home??...it seems like the hospital did not want to help because of Medicare but I have a good supplement insurance that would have covered the hospital...I was so disappointed and hurt and bothered by the fact that they really did not understand what was going on with me...It your good leg is hurt you are down and out and unable to walk..  Just wondering what they would do with other disabled folks???   thanks for listening. 

That sounds rough.  Luckily for the foreseeable future I have a reasonably healthy wife who can care for me at home in such a situation.  I do wonder what singles do in these cases, or even when they get locked out of the house or some such.

I was just musing today about what would happen if I lost my wallet and I was single, especially if I were out driving and didn't have enough gas to even get home.  And once I was home (assuming I could get in), what could I do?  No one would cash a check without ID.  I'd have to somehow get to the bank and beg for money, then somehow get to the DMV and beg for a license/ID.  Could call to get my credit cards replaced, I suppose, but it would take several days.

hi, I've been thru what you recently experienced. When I was 19 yrs old  I was climbing out of the back seat of a car and my polio leg got caught in the seatbelt, causing my good leg to land first on it's knee onto a curb. goodness it hurt. I still forced myself to get up and walk, and once I sat down to see what damage I had done, I could no longer move my good leg,  I was alone in the house for hours unable to move. until my mom came home, my step dad had to literally carry me to the car, to take me to the ER. Once there, xrays were taken. I had broken my knee cap to my good leg! oh no. It was horrible, and the doctors didn't understand the seriousness of it. I was in a wheelchair once again for a long period of time. I have fallen many times since then, but I try really hard to land correctly if there is such a way. You are not alone in your struggle.. And as polio survivors I believe we must always plan ahead, for situations such as this. Take care. 

Yeah, about 8 years back I was moving some furniture and I was on my knees.  Twisted my leg the wrong way with weight on the knee and badly mucked up the kneecap.  It's never quite recovered.

Thank you so much Susan...we both have felt that pain...what is so sad to me is that the ER in hospitals are only wanting to help those so close to dying, which is what should be.. but not to understand when you are disabled it is a matter of life and death...I could not walk...what should I do..I could not even get off the gurney to get in a wheelchair.. I am afraid those in the medical community have forgotten about us disabled...as we get older the polio leg harldy works at all..oh sometimes I think like now I am speaking to the choir...we need the medical community and our insurance compancy to know we need help when we come to the ER... are we alone???



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