Has anyone else encountered damage to eye muscles due to polio?  My eye doctor has seen this before in polios, but is, of course, in process of ruling out other causes.  However, there  appears to have been damage to muscles controlling pupil as well.  Sound familiar anybody?

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One thing that occurs to me is that "myoadenylate deaminase deficiency" could lead to this pain (and associated eye muscle damage).  It's a "metabolic disorder" (usually genetic) that occurs in about 5% of the population (though it's diagnosed in less than 1%).  Symptoms are muscle pain and damage, when the muscles are "over-exercised".  Easily treated, however, with the inexpensive supplement "D-ribose". 

The combo of MADD and PPS is a "double whammy" with which I am blessed.

I have Polio when I was 13 months old. I was diagnostic with PPS when I am 34 years old. Now I am 46. Yes. I had this issue. My  eye muscle doesn't work well. I can’t move it the way I want it to be. I had an surgery back in 2006. Currently still working. He told me he is performing a strengthen or weaken certain muscles on both of my eyes. Basically he cut open the white area of my both eyeballs to fix the muscle behind it. Surgery only take two hrs, You will be able to see for two weeks. It takes 1 months for recovery. One thing I learned from this surgery is that the anesthesia dosage can cause heart stop. This happen to me at the first time we went for the surgery and my heart stop immediately. They need to use the heart machine to bring me back alive. I had to went back three weeks later for the eye surgery again when two anesthesia specialists + a heart machines beside me for my surgery. My surgery is performed in Kaiser Fremont CA with Dr Patrick Tso. 

Prior to surgery one should always warn the doctors that PPSers are apt to be hypersensitive to anesthetics.  They should know this, of course, but they may not always connect the dots.

My eyes have not progressed yet to where I need surgery, but I have difficulty reading much now.

just saw this

i had been going on for years with my doctor about polio causing my eye problems only to be more or less laughed at, only this year did a specialist in london examine and finally agree with me

of the 6 eye muscles four of mine are seriously affected resulting in blurred close up and mid vision - requiring me to be finally provided with 2 pairs of special glasses

helpful but not as good as i would have hoped - i am registered as blind now in fact



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