Has anyone else encountered damage to eye muscles due to polio?  My eye doctor has seen this before in polios, but is, of course, in process of ruling out other causes.  However, there  appears to have been damage to muscles controlling pupil as well.  Sound familiar anybody?

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No I have not had this problem yet that I know of.  I am so sorry to hear of this being yours Barbara. Whats happening with your eyes?  Susan

Painful eye movement; two of the eye muscles have had damage for at least 25 years, but it didn't affect my vision.  Now it appears that the other over-worked muscles are tired.  Sound familiar?  However, there are some other things that can cause similar issues which need to be ruled out.  I have been through this before; for many years no urologist would agree that the polio had damaged the nerves, and thus the muscles, for my bladder.  I just hate the tests, which are necessary, but the anxiety really gets me. 

I know Barbara.  I as well become very frustrated and tend to stay out of doctors offices as much as possible.  As I continue the journey of PPS I pretty well know when another ailment creeps up and their are muscels involved that it will be over tired and exhausted muscels that are the cause.  I also know that I will have to "enlighten" what ever type doctor I go to and along with it have them argue with me that it isn't Polio related.

We know our bodies.  I hope and pray your find some help out there.

It's certainly plausible.  The muscles that control the eyes are not that distant, brain-wise, from the muscles that control swallowing, breathing, et al, where PPSers tend to have problems.

I have "congenital" crossed eyes.  When I was younger the eye muscles could compensate, but about 10 years ago (shortly after all the other PPS stuff popped up) I developed double vision and now have to wear glasses containing a "prism" to correct this.

(I went through an EMG to rule out myasthenia gravis, a fairly common cause of this condition.  Negative for that.)

Thanks Dan.  The eye muscle problem is uncommon but not unheard of.  One pupil is not operating correctly, so more testing is called for.  I have consulted Dr. Bruno; he's never heard of the "pupil issue," but its not impossible.  So...will have to wait.  So nice to have people to share concerns! Thank you.

Hi my name is susan, I too am a polio survivor, i got polio when i was 2 mths old. Which left my right leg severly weakend. I was diagnosed with pps at the age of 38. My body in the past few yrs has became weaker and more limited. Reading your post has encouraged me to go see and eye doctor, i also suffer from eye pain. Not constantly but pretty much daily especially if i've been reading, or subjected to really bright light. I've been wondering if it is caused by my eye muscles. I am relieved to know that someone else other then me feels eye pain. Now i feel empowered to address the matter. Thank you. take care,

Sincerly Susan.

Dear Susan,

I am sorry you have the similar problem, but I am happy that sharing information has benefited you.  Here's what has helped me:  I use blended lenses for most tasks.  In order to help my eyes from straining to use the small amount of prescription needed for the computer, I got a prescription for using the computer.  I also found that by taking a "vacation" from the computer for about 10 days, my eye pain is gone.  Now I limit my computer time.  Do you have the double vision issue?

I am also curious to know if you have an issue with the pupil (bright light symptom) on your eye as well.  This would be unheard of with the PPS, but not impossible.  An MRI with contrast revealed no cause of the pupil problem.  The other probable cause was a small clot within the optic nerve which might not show with all the tests.  The doctors are saying not PPS, but I find it odd that the symptom occurs in left side (my damaged side) at the same time as the other symptom.  What a co-inky-dink!

Wishing you all the best, Barbara

hi Barbara, thank you for your concern. I am not having a double vision issue, but I do suffer from bright light pain, the sun, the tv, cell phones, and computer. . I sometimes have to wear shades in the house, to prevent the pain, or to minimize the pain. as funny as it may sound, they actually help.  I notice the pain is intensified more when I am reading a book. So I to have to stop those things I enjoy for a few days due to the pain getting so severe. I really appreciate your advice because it is preparing me for,what a doctor might say and as a polio survivor even though  I am under a doctors care  I learned early on to be very self-reliant when it comes to pps.   

I hope you will let us know you are doing.  It really helps me to know there are others paddling in similar canoes.

I presume you've been checked for cataracts.  They can cause eyestrain leading to pain.

I believe your right Dan..........plus I've never heard of PPS eye pain.  We can't always blames all our health battles on Post Polio  I'm afraid if we do we might miss out on proper diagnosis.

 Eye MUSCLE pain is not unheard of.  My doctor has two PPS patients with it.  The pupil damage is not PPS.  I am very careful about eliminating all other reasonable diagnoses first, but I have been through painful, uncomfortable testing in an attempt to find other causes of issues. For a long time, urologists kept telling me my neurogenic bladder had nothing to do with the polio. Plus, the eye pain diminished with PPS treatment:  rest, adaptation, less use.  I also have swallowing, gag reflex damage on the same side as my large muscle damage. No reason it wouldn't travel up. So, not common, but not unknown.



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