I was wondering who has tried any therapy, my latest to try is Body Talk ,is this something any other PPSrs go for. What have you tried and did it give any results long term or otherwise and did it lead you on to others to try . .

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Hi:  I have been trained as a "body worker"!  I use gentle massage and trans-personal therapy! For me personally I like acupuncture; cranial sacral work; healing modalities such as Reiki; shamanic journey.  There are numerous modalities out there. I think the best way to decide what to do is try all until something makes sense to you.  I do find that the more information I have about my body and and spirit I am more at peace and able to handle those days that come and knock me off my feet.  And I have also learned that we PPS'ers were never taught about our body and to zero in on our feelings. For me it has taken years of therapy and bodywork to finally feel comfortable with the body and ailments I have.
My first encounter was with "Spiritual Healing " which I found to be very calming , so much so that I went to healing circles and eventualy became a  Healer and then studying Reiki. Reflexology is very pleasant to recieve and enjoy the benefits . All of these has helped me to understand PPS and accept what is happening to me. My biggest problem is muscle spasms on my right side , maybe a visit to a Chiropracter would help ...regards .
Our Church Parrish Nurse practices Chakra a spiritual type of healing and I take treatments from her once a month and she has trained my wife the fundamentals and she gives me a treatment 3 times a week. Does it help, I don't know but certainly does no harm. I did have pain in my shoulder for several years that made it difficult to sleep on one side. After the treatments I can now sleep on that side. She has told me many doctors now recommend that patients have a treatment before going into surgery.
As far as I understand most healing takes place on the Chakras .



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