Wondering if anyone else has this problem?

It comes and goes.  I'll be fine and then 15 minutes later I have cold feet.  The sensation will last several hours and then go away.  Tends to be predictable in the sort term -- will have cold feet at 2PM daily for several days, then it will switch to a different time.  Doesn't seem to be dependent on where I am, in the house or in a store or whatever.  And when it's at its worst I have trouble concentrating and "motivating".

Back a couple of years (when I was still working) I also had hot foot sensations almost daily, where my feet would be cold and then, in the space of a few minutes get toasty warm (and they would even feel warm to the touch).  And, oddly, I'd be able to think much clearer when this happened (or at least it seemed that way).  But this doesn't happen very much lately.  (This was actually quite pleasant when it happened.)

I suspect that the problem is somehow tied to my kidneys and hormones the kidneys produce (possibly as a result of my kidney stones).

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I do get cold feet especially in the cold weather.  Husband tells me My feet are cold but i can't tell unless it's really cold out and them they tingle, but then my legs have sensation all day but not like your symptoms.



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