Have blown a disc in my spine from scoliosis.  Dr. says I'm not a surgical candidate.  When it happened I was temporarily unable to walk.  Had a round of prednisone and intense therapy to get myself able to stand and walk again.  Can walk inside, short distance, stand for 3-5 minutes at a time.  Anyone else having this problem?

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Hi Mary...I've had back problems for years and was told that I needed L3 to S1 reconstructed.  However when I asked the doctor would this radical surgery correct the pain he told me it was rare that surgery would help the pain.  There are serious consequences having PPS and any type of surgery.

I also have a bone spur in my neck that is pinching a nerve.  I was told that 3 dics needed to be replaced, a titanium plate placed and so on.

I have done nothing about these surgeries and am taking more of a wait and see attitude.  It is painful but so is PPS and neuropathy and everything elso involved.

I'm not sure how long you have had this problem and if your still going to therapy.  In time you will heal but it will take some time to get use to the pain.  Let me know how your doing and if I can help.

Thanks Susan.  This happened September, and I stil do the exercises at home.  After I finished the therapy, my Dr. said we just wait and see.  She said it will most likely happen again since the vertebrae keep closing over a bundle of nerves that control walking. She talked about spinal injections of steroids in place of prednisone pills. (And right when all those people were dieing from those injections!!)  Since I know the PPS makes us too weak for surgery, I don't consider it anymore.  I try to find as much alternative methods as possible. Different ways to move.  You should think long and hard before deciding on surgery.  It does bring its' own set of problems.  No, it does not cure pain.  We just adjust our level of tolerance.  I'm not ready to throw in the towel!!

I haven't heard that surgery makes you weak I just know there is a much longer recovery rate and alas everyone involved in your surgery needs to know all about a patient with a history of Polio and I have yet to find that.  As to steroids unless they can target the exact nerve involved they are useless.  I've never had one and hopefully never will.

September is a very long time my friend.   Hang in there.  Keep doing those excercises and stay positive.  I hate that there has been no thought of some kind of of nerve calming meds instead of Prednisone.....that is a hard drug on your overall body.

And yes we just do adjust our level of tolerance............I don't think I have heard it said just that way but it is true.  Write again if you'd like.

Do remember that physical therapy is often important to controlling your condition.  Keeping the various muscles strong helps prevent the imbalance that leads to problems.



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