What assistive devices are you using? How are they helping you? When and how did you decide to start using them?

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Hi Mary, I've had a passion for a tub chair - you've given me the impetus to get one. Thanks! Also have had the ergonomic keyboard and mouse but found them of limited value, back on a lightweight keyboard with a new Mac (wrote another gardening book in two weeks to raise the money, exhausting but best thing in the long run. now have a big monitor which is a dream to use). best wishes. f
Hi Michael, I'm using a walking stick more and more but was offered a wheel chair to get around the High Museum of Art, Atlanta after the conference at Warm Springs. It was like being given wings,not having to drag myself around any more. Will ease me into the inevitable need for one. Tell you what, the golf buggy was fun too!
Hi Michael,
For the past 40+ years, I had one of those heavy metal full left leg brace. Last year by referral from other PPS member I am now usng the Heios Orthotic system which is much lighter (under 2lbs) and provides me a better balance and less "pull & drag" on my left hip. I still use a cane for balance and avoid the occassional tripping. I take advantage of scooters whenever it is offered in public areas -i.e. supermarkets, etc. I use a tub chair.
At the office I use an ergonomic mouse and have used a wrist splint before but never really associated carpal tunnel to PPS. Reading Mary's comments, I probably should consider getting occupational therapy assessment.
After listening to everyone about getting enough rest, I feel it is easier said than done.
I must admit, I am a A++ driver so I probably have no one to blame but myself.
Hello Marite,
It was interesting to me to read about the Helios Orthotic System, because I am also wearing a heavy metal full right leg brace since over 40 years as well. My concern is, and I could not find out about it on the internet, if I am able to wear a Helios brace ? Because the metal brace is weight bearing, I kind of "sit" on it. Do you have any more information on this matter?
I am living in Canada and could not find any info on such a great device here.
I also had Carpel Tunnel on my left wrist and had an operation on it 2 years ago always typing a lot.
I am very happy for you that you are able to use the Helios system, make your walking and life better.
Since finding out about PPS and the causes which might lead to it, I am trying to take things easier as well. It was always hard for me to ask for help, I think it is all of our (polio survivors) weak point! We have to train ourselves to take it easy,.. I am for sure doing it now, I want to stay strong for a longer time.
Take care of yourself and many hugs to you..
For sure - Nesrin. I am such an AA person, I think that is my nemesis . I forget to take it easy and just now learning to hold back. Hope you found the information on Helios system helpful. Mitch is a great person to work with and I'm sure he'll be willing to work with you.
Hello Nesrin,

Just wondering how you are progressing? I have been sick the last couple of months so have not really accessed this site. I think we both had the same type of brace. Like you - I used to use my brace to sit on. It took me some time to review my options and evaluate what was available to me. But I am so glad when I finally decided. I think it was one of the best decisions I made.
Let me know if there is anything I can do or if you just want to exchange notes as it seems we are both on the same page in life. Take care and warmest regards.
Where do I get info on the Heios Orthotic system?? My right leg is braced and I am in misery. I use a cane, tub chair and grab bars, scooter in public areas, and whatever can help.
Hi Donna,
Here is my contact for my Helios Orthotic system. Mitch is great and worked with me until we got it right.
Mitchell Warner, CPO
Ortho Rehab Designs
2578 Belcastro St. #101
Las Vegas, NV. 89117
www.ordesignslv.com Here is what he said about my brace, which I love and fully concur. "What is unique about your Helios KAFO, are it corrective tri-planer design for foot and ankle deformity. This helps stabilize the foot and ankle while also using corrective alignment forces at the knee. The Helios is a floor reaction energy loading KAFO, which also allows for adaptation to uneven ground. The Helios is constructed out of carbon fiber and Kevlar, which uses independently crossing energy loading uprights." To say it is light is an understatement. I feel less strain on my back and my family says I also walk straighter . Vain as I am, I can now wear commercially made shoes with some elevation added but not requiring the "made to order " type which cost a fortune. I am able to walk with my legs naturally bending with each step (although I am still practicing as bad habits are hard to break.
Hope it helps.
Thanks so much Marite. Do you live in Las Vegas? I am just wondering what do I do in Louisiana?? But I will contact Mitch and see what is going on and if I am a candidate.
How much is the KAFO??
I am having so much hip flexor pain in the last month and really struggling to walk. I know I have to do something.
I will let you know how it works out.
Hello Donna,

I am so sorry for not replying to your enquiry - I think I missed seeing this message.
I live in Los Angeles and had to fly/drive to Las Vegas. Mitch made it easy by asking me to complete some forms and the the video to evaluate my situation. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

I am also using a grabber, Mary. But I am only 5' 2" so I need it. They are wonderful and anytime I don't have to step up on a stool and deal with the pain, the better it is.
Hi Michael:

I use several assistive devices for different reasons. I started with a cane. I used that until I finally accepted that I needed braces which I wear full time now. I got my braces from Dynamic Bracing Solutionsl, which is far more superior than conventional bracing. That was the hardest decision I had to make but the pain in my knees made up my mind for me. They are now very important to me because it gives me independence and it eliminates my pain. I also use a scooter when I go to places that there is alot of walking; i.e. Disneyland, the Mall, etc. I use a walker when I will be carrying alot of stuff, usually when I go to my support meeting. You would be surprised how much stuff you can put on that thing.



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