Has anyone else noticed a sensitivity to aspartame, the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke and most other diet pops?

I have had problems with kidney stones for years, and finally was getting them under controls with D-ribose and potassium citrate, but was still having serious problems with urinary urgency/frequency.  So, on a hunch I cut out aspartame, and the urinary symptoms improved significantly within a couple of days.  After several weeks I'm not quite "normal" in this department, but can now do things without being constantly anxious about the proximity of a bathroom.

But I've also noticed that much of my fatigue and general pain has gone away.  I'm not sure how much is due to the improving stone situation and how much to eliminating aspartame, but I suspect that the aspartame has been a big factor.

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Hi, I have always been a eating organic kind of girl and for decades I haven't used aspartame or anything artificial.  I personally think that's why my PPS didn't manifest for decades. Fast forward, for 10 years now PPS has taken it's toll, I have extreme pain and the weakness and fatigue.  So for me, aspartame had nothing to do with my decline. Good for you for some relief and hope it only gets better, keep us posted.  I did have a girlfriend who stopped it and all her headaches went away and some other ills.

Update:  After several months off off aspartame, the improvement in my urinary symptoms is dramatic.  Frequency is approaching "normal", and urgency issues are greatly reduced.  My overall health seems to be somewhat improved, but it tends to cycle up and down a lot so it's hard to say for sure.

Oh, and I see I mis-wrote in my initial post.  While I am taking D-ribose, for muscle issues, the supplement that makes a big difference in my kidney stone issues is D-mannose.



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